The Beckhams Practice Buddhism

Their BFFs are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes of Scientology, and they’ve been known to run with the Kabbalah crowd, but looks like David and Victoria Beckham are turning to Buddhism these days.

The Beckhams have apparently turned to Buddhist chanting in order to help them deal with their hectic lives.   A source close to the couple says;

“David and Victoria have gone completely Californian! David has begun wearing health, prosperity and performance beads around his wrist. He has started yoga and stretching classes after a knee injury, and then a teammate suggested Buddhist chanting to soothe his mind.

“Now he and Victoria do a short five-minute chant when they wake up to start the day off on the right foot, repeating, ‘Homage to the blessed one, the worthy one, the rightly self-awakened one.’ ”

How bout , the rich one, the 250 million dollars to sit on the bench one?

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