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Taylor Swift really has moved on from Taylor Lautner, tricked into being filmed on a secret date by MTV.

20 year old Taylor Swift talked about her date with Duncan Penn and revealed a hidden camera had captured all, she told MTV; “I had absolutely no idea that that stuff was filmed, so there was this realization when I got an e-mail from my manager. And he was like, ‘Hey, can you approve this? […]

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Taylor Swift Apologizes to Ex in ‘Back to December’

We know Taylor Swift writes all her songs from the heart, and doesn’t hold back a single detail, but could her latest be about a relationship with a certain ware-wolf that she messed up herself? In Back to December, Swift apologizes to an ex who she claims to have treated “carelessly.” Swift tells E! Online: […]

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More Taylor Swift For Glamour

Check out a few more mega-hot photos of Taylor Swift from the new issue of Glamour magazine!!! Spechless, so the post ends here!

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Taylor Swift Beats the Street

Taylor Swift has won a lawsuit that she filed against street vendors who were selling merch with her name and photo outside of her concerts. Though the sixteen vendors failed to respond to the suit, the Judge in Nashville made the judgement that bans them from creating or selling any un-licensed Taylor Swift goods. It’s […]

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Taylor Swift for Glamour

Taylor Swift is looking so good on the new cover of Glamour Magazine! It’s busy time for Taylor, as shes’s got her new album, ‘Speak Now’, coming out on October 25 so expect to be seeing a lot of her on the shelves of newsstands up until then. Taylor has revealed to the mag that […]

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Taylor Swift Retains Her Title as the Queen of Milquetoast in New Issue of Glamour

Awww Taylor Swift, as safe as they come, saying all the right things, never adding anything new to the conversation, never taking a strong stance or having a strong opinion on anything. The current issue of Glamour offers nothing more than more evidence of her stepford status.  The mannequineque pop star covers all the predictable […]

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VMAs Feel Like WWE

It was hard to tell the difference last night between MTV and Cartoon Network, with the overarching look was cartoon character chic. Whether intentional or not, all the artists and attendees looked either drawn or painted, coinciding perfectly with the lack of anything real or of worth at the VMAs.  There was a lot of […]

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Taylor Swift Debuts Song About Kanye at VMAs

Another VMA’s gone, and for the second year in a row we are feeling bad for Taylor Swift. Her performance last night of her new song about Kanye West, Innocent, was amazing.  She’s truly great at what she does. However, for the second year in a row, Kanye West stole the show from her, with […]

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Taylor Swift’s New Video For: ‘Mine’

Check out the new video for ‘Mine’ by Taylor Swift. Such a nice little song! Swifty’s new album is due out in a short couple months! Taylor Swift – New Music – More Music Videos

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Taylor Swift and Kanye West to Come Face to Face at VMAs?

Could Taylor Swift be re-uniting with her nemesis Kanye West on the anniversary of their clash? If 2010 VMA host Chelsea Handler has anything to do with it! In addition to breaking the news that there would be no Lady Gaga performance, Handler told Ryan Seacrest she hopes to re-unite the two on stage. Last […]

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