Taylor Swift Apologizes to Ex in ‘Back to December’

We know Taylor Swift writes all her songs from the heart, and doesn’t hold back a single detail, but could her latest be about a relationship with a certain ware-wolf that she messed up herself?

In Back to December, Swift apologizes to an ex who she claims to have treated “carelessly.”

Swift tells E! Online: “The person I wrote this song about deserves this. This is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him… This is a song full of words I would say to him.”

She’s most recently dated Joe Jonas, whom reportedly broke up with her over text message, and Taylor Lautner, whom everything seemed to be going great last winter until their busy schedules caused a mysterious split.

Is someone accepting the blame here?

We liked Taylor/Taylor, so lets hope for a reunion!

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