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Amanda Bynes One Of GQ’s “Least Influential” People Of 2012

Amanda Bynes has been named one of GQ Magazine’s Least Influential People of 2012 in their famous spoof list. The magazine is playing off of Barbara Walters’ annual list of the top 10 fascinating people by releasing a list of 25 “uninspiring” people for the year. Bynes’ string of legal drama has landed her a […]

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Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj On ‘Idol’ Heating Up! Mariah Tells All!

You’ve seen the video, and more details of the blow up between Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on ‘American Idol.’ Barbara Walters chatted with Carey for a segment she shared on ‘The View’ on Thursday, in which the singer revealed she is still worried about her safety. She explained; “Nicki walked off the set, multiple […]

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Oprah Winfrey Addresses Lesbian Rumors Again

Oprah Winfrey has again addressed the rumors that she’s a lesbian, this time to Barbara Walters. O tells Babs during an upcoming interview:   “I’m not a lesbian.  I’m not even kind of a lesbian.” Part of a full interview that will air soon, Oprah adds: “The reason why it irritates me is because it […]

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Sarah Palin Tells Barbara Walters She Can Beat Barack in 2012

In a new interview clip with Barbara Walters,  Sarah Palin reveals that she feels she could beat President Barack Obama in the 2012 Presidential election. The clip stops there, as a preview for Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People of 2010 special that will air on December 9th, but it’s got the blogs running wild with […]

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Barbara Walters Oscar Specials Over

Man. How will I know if the nominees consider their parents a great source of inspiration? Walters announced this morning on “The View” that her 29th special, which will feature interviews with nominees Sandra Bullock and Mo’Nique, will be her last. “I think I’m sick of them,” Walters explained. “I feel I’ve been there, done […]

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Adam Lambert: Absolutely No Regrets

Despite offending a core sector of the Bible Belt with his hip-gyrating AMA performance, Adam Lambert will not go down (excuse the pun) lightly. In an interview with industry dinosaur Barbara Walters, Adam says: “Adrenaline is a funny, funny thing. And I got … I got really excited. You can’t plan everything — if I […]

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Whoopi To Barbara: “Speak Up You Old Thing!”

The ladies of The View unveiled their hilarious costumes today, including a kinda hot Barbara Walters. Yep, you heard those two words mentioned in the same sentence: Hot and Barbara Walters. Barbara introduced herself in character as a True Blood inspired vampire who was once a former anchor woman trying to write a story about […]

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Charlize Theron: “I Won’t Marry Until The Gays Can!”

Charlize Theron made an appearance on The View today promoting her new movie, ‘The Burning Plain.’ When the topic turned to marriage and her long relationship with fellow actor Stewart Townsend, things got political. Thankfully, Elizabeth Hasselbeck was at home nursing her latest child so she couldn’t stare Charlize down with her Republican Pro Prop […]

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La Toya To Barbara Walters:

La Toya Jackson will not take Michael Jackson’s death sitting down. Well, actually she will – with Barbara Walters. The Jackson sister went one-on-one with Barbara Walters on Friday night’s 20/20 for a scandalous interview. Some highlights: On the murder conspiracy: “I knew that Michael was going through the same thing that I was going […]

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Attention Social Networkers: Barbara Walters Thinks You’re A Loser

What does Barbara Walters think of social networking? The legendary newswoman said on The View today: “People want to be my friend. I don’t want them. My ex-husband wanted to be my friend. I don’t need more friends. I don’t want to be on MySpace.” A co-worker in the audience stood up and lamented Barbara’s […]

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