Barbara Walters Oscar Specials Over


Man. How will I know if the nominees consider their parents a great source of inspiration?

Walters announced this morning on “The View” that her 29th special, which will feature interviews with nominees Sandra Bullock and Mo’Nique, will be her last.

“I think I’m sick of them,” Walters explained. “I feel I’ve been there, done that. 29 years is enough.”

When grilled by her co-hosts about why she was pulling the annual telecast which performs well with viewers and is well-respected in the industry, she said she felt she had been doing the same thing for 29 years.

“You can switch the format a little bit and I love the fact that we have these stars and they’re both nominated,” Walters said.  “I felt it was enough.”

Damn, girl, you’re pulling the plug on this and you continue to allow Elisabeth Hasselbeck daily access to the airwaves?! Get your priorities in order. First should be pouring poison in Elisabeth’s Diet Coke. I don’t care what you do next.

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