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Jim Carreys Love Letter To Emma Stone

Jim Carrey, who is no stranger to dating younger women has posted a love message for Emma Stone on his official website. Though he admits in the video that he is much too old, Jim Carrey is very “Jim Carrey” with the fun message to the ‘Spiderman’ star. Carrey says: “And every day for the […]

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Johnny Knoxville Continues Dunn Memorial On Blog

Johnny Knoxville continued his memorial of Ryan Dunn this week, by uploading a blog post to the official Dickhouse, talking about Dunn’s memorial service. At Ryan’s memorial Wednesday night in West Chester, people were invited up to the microphone to say a few words about his life, whatever they were feeling at that moment. I […]

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Whitney Port Embarking On a Juice Cleanse

Whitney Port has taken to her blog to talk about a new full body cleanse that she and her sister Paige are trying out. The cleanse features six juices a day for three days and is from LA’s Pressed Juicery. Port writes: “I have been putting a lot of unhealthy things in my body recently, […]

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Pink Defends ‘Feather-Ruffling’ Music Video Content

Pink has taken to her blog to defend her new music video, because she’s sure the content matter is going to “ruffle some feathers.” The video for ‘F**ckin Perfect’ is to include images of self-harm, attempted suicide and anorexia, but Pink is insisting her ultimate goal is  to raise awareness of the controversial issues. She […]

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Krazy Kardashian Christmas Card is Not a New Tradition

Since we showed you yesterday the outrageous Kardashian 2010 X-mas card,  Kim was nice enough to post some of these gems from Christmas past on her blog. Something different seems to be the theme here for the Kardashian/Jenner clan. Our favorite part has to be how the Jenner kids get left out during certain years. […]

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Snooki’s Got A Blog Now

Snooki’s got a blog now so we can hear all the good stuff straight from the little orange koala bear herself. Her first post sounds a little press releasey and fan-sitey but we’re hoping that as time goes on we will grow to know the real Nicole, know what really running through her head under […]

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Heidi Montag’s Mom Demands “a Little Respect” in New Blog Post

In a new (way too long) post on Heidi Montag’s mother’s blog, ‘Metamorphosis of a Mother,’  Darlene Egelhoff tells Heidi that  “It’s time you showed a little respect!” The post is about the holidays at the Egelhoff household in Crested Butte, Colorado, and the traditions that they are now carrying on without Heidi. It’s also […]

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Christina Aguilera and Cher Speak Out Against Bullies

Christina Aguilera and Cher have a message for all you school bullies out there. Promoting their new film Burlesque, Christina and Cher had a chat with gay blog, Towerload.com where Aguilera explains: “I’m definitely in favor of gay rights. I think in any case your individuality is the most important thing and you have to […]

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Kat Dennings, You Can Ask Her Anything

Kat Dennings is one of the early adopters of a new network call VYou. Basically, you submit a question to a user and they record a video response which is kept on file, creating a database of answers for each user. So, if you’ve ever wanted to ask the nouveau-goth actress anything, here’s your chance. […]

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Kim Kardashian Working on an Album

It’s our wost Kardashian nightmare coming true! People.com has a source confirming to them that Kim Kardashian has been in the studio working on some “fun music” with hit making producer, The Dream. Kim is following the likes of Paris Hilton, who released an album a few years back to a pretty  “ehh” response. One […]

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