Kim Kardashian Working on an Album

It’s our wost Kardashian nightmare coming true! has a source confirming to them that Kim Kardashian has been in the studio working on some “fun music” with hit making producer, The Dream.

Kim is following the likes of Paris Hilton, who released an album a few years back to a pretty  “ehh” response.

One thing Kim had on Paris was that she hadn’t made that down-grade career decision yet.  Not saying it will banish her from the spot light, but it does but a * by the legacy.

One Kardashian rumor that we can confirm NOT true is that she’s moving on to a new relationship with Lebron James.

She was spotted courtside at his game in New Jersey this past Sunday, and photos were taken of the two chatting court-side.   LeBron himself de-bunked those rumors on his Twitter page yesterday, calling the blog who posted the photos “Miserable.” and calling the allegations strictly rumors.

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