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J.K. Rowling Launches “Pottermore,” Fans Speculate

Hold on to your broomsticks Potter fans. On the same day the theatrical trailer for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part: 2 was released, author J.K. Rowling launched a new ‘Potter’ themed site called “Pottermore.” The image above is all you will find on Pottermore.com, but it’s got people speculating a number of scenarios. […]

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Check Out The Cover Of Levi Johnston’s New Book

We’re not even going to waste much time on this, so we’ll let you fill in the blank. The cover of Levi Johnston’s new book, ‘Deer In The Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs’ is ____________________ The answer is cheap.

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Lauren Conrad Scores a Three Book Deal

Lauren Conrad’s number one best selling book, LA Candy, did so well, she’s been offered a three book deal by publishers Harper Collins. The new book trilogy will be called ‘The Fame Game,’ and will also be centered in the reality television universe, and based on the life of  Madison Parker, who was the mean […]

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John Tesh Grabs a Coffee in Bel Air

Famed American pianist John Tesh took a coffee break with his daughter Prima in Bel Air this week. Tesh made headlines last year when he confirmed an affair with Oprah in the 1970’s after it was mentioned in Kitty Kelley’s Winfrey tell-all book. The book claimed that Tesh and Winfrey were in a relationship, but […]

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Snooki’s Booki Becomes a New York Times Best Seller

Have the standards of what it means to be a New York Times Best Selling Author dropped in recent times? We’ve got Nicole Richie, Lauren Conrad, Hilary Duff, and now Snooki? Picture those girls eating at the same dinner table as Stephen King and John Grisham. Snooks tweeted earlier this afternoon: “OMG I’m a New […]

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Snooki Reveals She Used to Wake Up in Garbage Cans

In LA to promote her new book, ‘A Shore Thing,’ Snooki stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about all things Snooki. As most of us have seen during here party night’s on Jersey Shore, Snooki has enjoyed a night or two out with the botle.  Her and Ellen relived the days of her […]

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Snooki’s Booki Almost Ready For Release

Leave it to Snooki to miss out on the holiday rush by just two weeks, but you know kids will be itching to spend their Christmas money just after the new year! ‘A Shore Thing,’ the new book by Snooki wil be available starting January 4th. Snooks tweeted the photo seen above with the following […]

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Hilary Duff WILL Return to Music Some Day

After Hilary Duff was a Disney Channel star and before she was doing whatever it is she does now, she put out a couple albums and toured the world! Remember her last album in 2007 with the Nicole Richie diss track? Well Hilary, who is currently out promoting her new novel, Elixr, revealed recently that […]

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Tori Spelling Writing Another Book – To Include Party Planning

When you’re Tori Spelling and the year is 2010 (almost 2011), you write books! Tori has a boat load of books on the shelf already, from autobiographies, to mommy books, and now she’s throwing her name in the hat as a party planner. Did we mention this is a TWO book deal? The first book […]

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Jodie Sweetin Being Sued by EX Over Tell All Book

We hope Jodie Sweetin has a back-up plan for her tell-all book. Now that her ex-husband Cody Herpin has gotten a hold of the book and read the things she wrote about him! Herpin is suing both Sweetin and her publishing company for depicting him in a “false light.” In the book, Sweetin claims; During […]

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