Jodie Sweetin Being Sued by EX Over Tell All Book

We hope Jodie Sweetin has a back-up plan for her tell-all book.

Now that her ex-husband Cody Herpin has gotten a hold of the book and read the things she wrote about him!

Herpin is suing both Sweetin and her publishing company for depicting him in a “false light.”

In the book, Sweetin claims;

During the day, the baby was 100 percent my responsibility. Cody, meanwhile, played video games.” Cody “would try to make me laugh because he knew it hurt when I laughed. That and video games were his two forms of entertainment.”

A passage that Herpin filed in the legal papers.

Making a girl laugh with a “mean spirit” and playing video games ARE a guys two favorite forms of entertainment.  Hardly a “false light.”   Likewise, taking credit for everything is every woman’s favorite form of entertainment.

Back to the drawing board, Cody… Is that all you got?

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