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EXCLUSIVE!!! Megan Hauserman and Sharon Osbourne Meet for Mediation

Breaking news!!!  This morning, reality star Megan Hausermen met with Sharon Osbourne in a downtown LA courtroom for mediation over their little on set cat fight back in December of 2008. Starzlife has learned EXCLUSIVELY!!! that Sharon Osbourne wanted nothing to do with any sort of mediation this morning, and demanded that the case be […]

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Judge Rules Lindsay Must Escalate Alcohol Education

An LA judge is not very pleased with the rate Lindsay Lohan is participating in her alcohol education courses and has demanded she step it up a notch. During a hearing yesterday in LA, which Lohan was not present for, Judge Marsha Revel has made the decision that Lindsay must attend class once a week […]

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Pamela Anderson; Tool Time!

Don’t they know she jump started her career on a show called Home Improvement? Pamela Anderson’s love for tools has her being sued by a local construction company for not returning theirs. Condey Construction Corp. is taking Pammy to small claims court claiming that she refused to return $5,000 worth of equipment from one of […]

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Jon Gosselin Returns $180,000

According to his lawyer, John Gosselin has returned the $180,000 back to the family bank account that he had taken under the order of the judge. Today is the deadline to return the funds, and though Jon has complied, his attorney Mark Heller says that Kate Gosselin has not. Kate was ordered to show accountability […]

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Joe Francis Should Maybe Try a Better Defense

Joe Francis, founder of the Girls Gone Wild franchise, is on trial for tax evasion. He is accused of writing off thousands of dollars as ‘business expenses’. So how does his legal team plan on getting him off? By linking him with celebrities, duh! Francis’ lawyers have made a powerpoint which was obtained by The […]

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Amy Winehouse Doesn’t Look like Death for Once

This is what Amy Winehouse used to look like. Then she looked like this. Than this. It only got more depressing from there. But apparently Britney isn’t the only popstar who can pull a, er, Britney. Amy was in court today and she dressed in effing couture! She looks eons better than she used to […]

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Rihanna/Chris Brown Head to Court Today

Today is the day! Rihanna will be appearing in a Los Angeles courtroom this after noon waiting to hear whether or not she is called to the stand to testify in the Chris Brown assault case. Today, a judge will hear the story and decide if Brown’s case is to be sent to trial or […]

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