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Today is E-Day!

Recovery, the soon to be ninth number one selling album from Eminem hits stores today! If you haven’t heard it yet, we urge you to rush out and pick it up now!  He’s back and better than ever. It comes with two bonus tracks if you purchase it on iTunes. Eminem was the highest selling […]

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Eminem Credits Kids For His ‘Recovery’

Eminem is days away from releasing his latest album, Recovery, so what’s kept the star clean for two whole years now? His kids! “I love them so much and they’ve helped me through so many things.” Those things include an addiction to Vicodin, Valium,  Ambien, and Methodone. Slim admitted that he tried rehab once, but […]

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Eminem’s ‘Recovery’ Leaked 2 Weeks Early

Eminem’s latest album, Recovery, scheduled for release on June 22nd, has leaked onto the internet  two weeks early! No word on who’s responsible yet, but the damage is done. We’ve gave it a listen, and we think he is BACK!  17 tracks of the real and raw Eminem.  None of that goofy crazy stuff he’s […]

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Eminem Lands On Top of the Charts!

Eminem’s latest single, ‘Not Afraid,’ will debut Tomorrow morning on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at #1!!! ‘Not Afraid’ is the first single off of Eminem’s upcoming album, Recovery, which will be out later this year. This feat marks only the 16th time ever that an artist has debuted at #1 on the chart! In […]

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Eminem Takes Aim at Big Ben in New Freestyle

Talk about one rapper who is instantly on top of the latest news stories in his rhymes. Eminem, who just announced recently that his next album would be titled ‘Recovery,’ has written a new freestyle rap that is taking spreading all over the internet. In the song, Em takes aim at Ben Roethlisberger, who is […]

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Eminem and Lil’ Wayne Just Dropped a Reasonably Dope Collabo

Weezy and Slim Shady dropped “Drop the World” this morning. Go ahead and click. It’s a free download of a pretty good song. Eminem was the best rapper in the world for a brief period between his first and second albums. It was then that he recorded a string of guest appearances that rank among […]

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Eminem Top Selling Artist of Past Ten Years! Really?

Strange as it may seem, Eminem has came out on top this decade as the number one selling artist! Eminem edged out  The Beatles by about 2.2 million albums as he rounds out the past 10 years with 32.2 million albums sold. The Beatles’ hits compilation 1 sold more albums than any other at 11.5 […]

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Glambert Arrives on New Eminem Track

In some accounts this sort of means you’re a star.  Apparently even Adam Lambert realizes so. Adam tweeted the following message to his fans last night, announcing that he’d been mentioned in a new Eminem song; “Wow eminem mentioned me in a song?! I must be doin something right!? Even if he used the f […]

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Eminem Might Have to Record a Song About Raping and Killing iTunes Soon

Slim Shady‘s music publisher, Eight Mile Style LLC (Limited Likability Caucasian), is suing Apple Inc. for making 93 unauthorized songs available for download on iTunes. The trial starts on Thursday in Murder City (Detroit) unless a deal is reached by Wednesday. Forget about that noise, Marshall. Please instead bankroll a class-action lawsuit representing all users […]

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Eminem Delivers Knockout Punch With Mariah Diss Track…Featuring Mariah???

He usually just takes a jab at her, or her husband Nick Cannon in one of his songs, as he does to a ton of other celebs. But Nicks “warning” blog post about Eminem, and the fact that Mariah Carey dressed up like him in her video for “Obsessed” but then denied it was supposed […]

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