Eminem and Lil’ Wayne Just Dropped a Reasonably Dope Collabo


Weezy and Slim Shady dropped “Drop the World” this morning. Go ahead and click. It’s a free download of a pretty good song.

Eminem was the best rapper in the world for a brief period between his first and second albums. It was then that he recorded a string of guest appearances that rank among the best verses ever spit. You can hear two of them on this track, “The Last Hit,” where Em introduces himself with, “My .9 is liftin’ ya six feet when I spray rounds, hit you with twelve shots in mid-air and four more on the way down as eight strays graze through a kid’s hair on the playground, you laid down on a stretcher – don’t get carried away now!” We’ll never hear anything that good again because Eminem now only raps about himself and how famous he is. He also switched his flow up to sound like T.I., so even when he does rap about raping corpses and the like, you hear the multi-syllable onslaught he keeps going for eight or sixteen bars first and the lyrics second. It was better when he kept the rhymes internal and switched them up more frequently, like when he was dropping stone cold classics like this one every other week.

Everything Lil’ Wayne puts out falls somewhere between good and great. His last mixtape, “No Ceilings,” is great, so I had high hopes this track would be too. It’s merely good – standard fare from one of the most talented living rappers.

But it’s free and worth your time. Go for it.

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