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Heigl’s Return to Grey’s

According to E! News, Katherine Heigl will be making a return to Grey’s Anatomy this upcoming season. It’s sure to come with a headache, because it seems like Katherine Heigl passes out headaches everywhere she goes, but apparently her character was too good to keep away. Izzie will return to the January 21st episode, I […]

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Eric Dane & Pregnant Wife Rebecca Gayheart, Clothed & Seemingly Sober

Rebecca Gayheart and husband (Grey’s Anatomy‘s “Dr. McSteamy”) Eric Dane, prove that the jacuzzi impotency rumors ain’t true, as the pregnant couple were caught out in LA. She was actually looking quite conservative, if we didn’t know about Rebecca’s killing of a teenager crossing the street, and her sexy drug-induced jacuzzi romp, we’d think she […]

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Getting Wet With Dr McDreamy, Yes, It Does Rain In L.A.!

We caught Dr McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey out in the rain this morning. Looking debonair, perfect, and well, Dreamy, we half expected him to start dancing ‘Gene Kelley-style’. The Grey’s Anatomy Star seemed rather pleased with himself, maybe because he’d just double-fluffed his bouffant, and was ready for the cams? Click below for all the pics […]

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Hot New Artist Alert: Tyrone Wells!

Tyrone Wells is the latest musical act to gain exposure on the hit TV show Greys Anatomy. His new hit song Sink or Swim was recently featured in the promos for the sixth season premiere. Look below to check out the commercial spot featuring Sink or Swim on YouTube, and then snag the track on […]

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STARZLIFE PICS: Dr. Justin Chambers

This guy is a doctor on Grey’s Anatomy. He look like any doctor you’ve ever seen? I’m not referring to the middle finger – I got that from my dermatologist once when I asked if she could cut her fee after I lost my health insurance – I mean his general hunkiness. I’ll accept hot […]

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Katherine Heigl Knows How To Cut A Rug

Katherine Heigl went rug shopping in West Hollywood on Sunday and asked store owners a familiar question. “Do you think this color will go with my hate mail?” The Grey’s Anatomy actress, who is losing fans quickly to late night talk show whining, and on-set bickering, was accompanied by husband Josh Kelly and the couples’ […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!!! Starzlife Ellen Pompeo Pic Set: Pregnancy And Pizza

Looks like those last trimester cravings have set in. And they’re crying: “Pizzzaaa!” 39 year-old Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo made a pizza run in West Hollywood this weekend, and showed off her visible pregnancy bump. Click below to see more EXCLUSIVE!! pictures of the actress catching up with friends.

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Katherine Heigl: Rich, Pretty, Underappreciated, Overworked

Is Katherine Heigl really as unlikeable as the internets have decided? There’s a two-page thread on her IMDB page titled “does anybody else hope she falls off a cliff?” Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow are still widely quoted as being p.o.’d at her less-than-gracious remarks about Knocked Up. Now a blog post by Ken Levine […]

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Izzie Back in on Grey’s

TR Knight’s character has been confirmed to be gone from Grey’s Anatomy for good next season, but  it was still up in the air if Katherine Heigl would be reprising her role of Izzie Stevens. In the finale, she was left with cancer on her death bed. It could have went either way, but according […]

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TR Knight Confirms Departure From Greys

Entertainment Weekly is confirming that TR Knight will be leaving Grey’s Anatomy for good this season. There’s been speculation that goes both ways in the past few months, but apparently this time it’s for real. The mag is speculating that series creator Shinda Rhymes has been preparing for Knights departure for some time now, reducing […]

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