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Patrick Dempsey Teaming Up With Olympians and Tour De France Stars for Dempsey Chalenge.

Patrick Dempsey is set to team up with both Olympians and Tour de France participants for this year’s second annual Dempsey Challenge. On October 3rd, Dempsey and teammates Levi Leipheimer , George Hincapie and this year’s top U.S. Tour de France finisher, Chris Horner will embark on the 100 mile journey to help benefit the […]

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McDreamy Joins Transformers 3

Big Transformers 3 news! Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey has been cast for the third film of the Transformers series, according to Paramount who revealed the news today. The only deets revealed is that Dempsey will be playing the boss of Megan Fox’s character in the film. Starzlife spotted Megan Fox on the set of pre […]

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End of Days for Grey’s?

Could one of these two fixtures from Grey’s Anatomy be looking for a show exit after next season?  What about both of them? The latest rumor on the set of Grey’s is that Patrick Dempsey, aka Dr. McDreamy is facing an expiring contract following next season of the show, and may not be interested in […]

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Getting Wet With Dr McDreamy, Yes, It Does Rain In L.A.!

We caught Dr McDreamy, Patrick Dempsey out in the rain this morning. Looking debonair, perfect, and well, Dreamy, we half expected him to start dancing ‘Gene Kelley-style’. The Grey’s Anatomy Star seemed rather pleased with himself, maybe because he’d just double-fluffed his bouffant, and was ready for the cams? Click below for all the pics […]

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Happy Birthday Patrick Dempsey!

Dr. Mc-whatever turns 43 today! Is that show still on TV? Happy birthday, P.

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Paris Hilton a BIG SKINNY LIAR!

Oh here we go again. . .So a few nights ago Big Foot Big Bird Paris Hilton went out with her “shaman.” She went into a book store in West Hollywood then headed to Rumerzilla Willis’ favorite, Urth Cafe, of course, followed by a pack of paparazzi, documented every step of her spiritual journey.  She even gave […]

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Kate Walsh

I Heart Kate Walsh

This will not be the first time I will say this. . .I am completely enamored with Kate Walsh. She is an amazing actress and has so much personality. Get on youtube and watch any one of her talk show interviews. She is freakin’ hilarious. So, be prepared to hear tons of news on Kate, […]

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And just because I know you really want it…

More of the hunky Patrick Dempsey in his trusty  uniform.  Enjoy!“He was but a mere old bloke, that Patrick Dempsey boy, just a sad, sad, empty person…Until one day, while strolling calmly down the street…

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Patrick Dempsey to star in a modern version of “My Best Friend’s Wedding”!

Hey, McDreamy, where’s Julia? Made of Honor, starring Michelle Monaghan and Grey’s Anatomy’s Patrick Dempsey hits theaters this May!!  And, no matter how cheap, sappy, pre-fabbed, girly-romantic it might actually be, I’m already making secret plans to purposely drag all my male friends over to the theaters!!  I’ve seen way too many action flicks, and […]

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