Paris Hilton a BIG SKINNY LIAR!


Oh here we go again. . .So a few nights ago Big Foot Big Bird Paris Hilton went out with her “shaman.” She went into a book store in West Hollywood then headed to Rumerzilla Willis’ favorite, Urth Cafe, of course, followed by a pack of paparazzi, documented every step of her spiritual journey.  She even gave away her own diamond pendant to a fan because she “felt” she had to do it.  The “shaman” then blessed the former convict heir to which she said he had changed her life. Well it’s being reporting the “shaman” is an actor! That’s right, Paris is HOT on her size 13 feet with publicity stunts! 


Oh Paris!  Maybe Gary Busey was right, afterall. Maybe you are a pathological liar addicted to scandal and fame.

Shame on you and your “fake shaman.” 

BTW. . .Paris wore that dress last year. May 7th to be exact.  

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