Desperate for some l-o-v-e!!

“Back on track”


Lindsay Lohan has recently been working on a new album _ a hip-hop/rap album, to be exact!  And, Lilo seems to be quite happy and satisfied with her current activities, as she’s been describing this experience as one that’s getting her “back on track” (…

Taking into consideration Lohan’s ample use of words (rehab to get sober was a “rehabilitating” and “sobering ” experience, for example), I’m just wonderin’, what exactly does she mean by “back on track”?  Lindsay Lohan has probably been around the block more than a few times, and I’ll bet she been on every track, street, alley, tunnel, sewer….!  Anywhoo, confusion aside, I must say, I’m just ecstatic!!  Dying to see her bust some awkward designer-style gangstah moves of her own!

…So, Linds, just out of curiosity, which track is it, exactly…?

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