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W: Mom’s and Nudes

October was the month of break-ups, from Cox to Cyrus to Lopez, every day there seemed to be a new celebs split. Thank God it’s over and we’re on to November, which is looking like it can go two ways, the month of celebs nudes or the month of babies. Luckily W Magazine has all […]

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Ellen Pompeo & Katherine Heigl: The Juicer and The J-walker

The girls of Gray’s Anatomy could learn a lot form each other. Katherine Heigl rarely leaves the house without being fully dressed and completely presentable, where as Ellen Pompeo could really stand to run a brush through her hair before she hits the streets of Los Angeles. While Heigl has a tendency for J-walking, even […]

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Did Katherin Heigl Top Facebook This Weekend?

It was ultra close, but the nerds prevailed again. This weekend at the box office,  Life as We Know It starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhmell was edged out slightly by ‘The Social Network’ which took the top spot for the second weekend in a row. The Social Network brought in $15.5 million during it’s […]

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Katherine Heigl Donates One Million to Help Animals in LA

Say what you want about her acting or her attitude, but Katherine Heigl has a heart! Check out this video below where she talks about her Jason Dubis Heigl Organization, and their efforts to make Los Angeles a no-kill city for animals. Katherine even donated $1 million of her own money to the cause. Conveniently, […]

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Katherine Heigl Didn’t Adopt to be “Trendy”

It may seem like the thing to do in this town, but Katherine Heigl want’s you to know that she didn’t adopt to be trendy! Katherine adopted a baby, Naleigh from South Korea last September. She tells Britain’s Metro newspaper: “It’s so funny. My mom and I joke about it when people say ‘You’re just […]

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Katherine Heigl Nominates Herself for an Emmy

It’s good to know that if nobody else is rooting for you, you can always root for yourself! Katherine Heigl has nominated herself for an Emmy in the Best Supporting Actress category at this year’s awards show. Heigl was on a handful of Grey’s Anatomy episodes this season, ultimately leading to the end of her […]

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Katherine Heigl Says Some Typical “New Mom Stuff”

Now that Katherine Heigl is a full time mommy, she’s going to have to take that into consideration when choosing her movie roles. During a recent interview promoting her movie, Killers, with Ashton Kutcher, Heigel reveals: “I’d hope to never do anything that I would be ashamed for her to see, but now that I’ve […]

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Katherine and Naleigh’s Pre Mothers Day Shopping Spree

How adorable is Katherine Heigl’s little baby Naleigh? We spotted Katherine and Naleigh on a little mother/daughter shopping trip in Malibu this past weekend. Katherine and husband Josh Kelley adopted little Naleigh last September, and she’s one of the cutest babies in town! Heigl has recently signed on to play New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie […]

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Katherine Heigl Misses Her Grey’s Friends and Fam

Even though it was long rumored that Katherine Heigl was looking for a way out on Grey’s Anatomy, and that she acted like a diva on set.  Now that she’s out, she can pull the “they are my family” and “I’ll miss everyone” card. Heigl announced her departure from the show this March, a continuation […]

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Katherine Heigl Out on Grey’s, Focusing On Family

Katherine Heigl is officially OUT on Grey’s Anatomy. She tells the recent issue of Entertainment Weekly; “We just finalized our agreement. Everyone had been working really hard to find an amicable and gracious way of letting go and moving on. It’s sad but it’s what I wanted.” Heigl tells the mag she decided to terminate […]

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