Katherine Heigl Didn’t Adopt to be “Trendy”

It may seem like the thing to do in this town, but Katherine Heigl want’s you to know that she didn’t adopt to be trendy!

Katherine adopted a baby, Naleigh from South Korea last September.

She tells Britain’s Metro newspaper:

“It’s so funny. My mom and I joke about it when people say ‘You’re just doing it because it’s trendy’. My mom says ‘Well, I’m trendier than everybody because I was doing it in the 1970s when I adopted your sister.’ I’m very grateful for this little being in my life. I’m very grateful she’s my daughter. I’m so grateful we found each other. It’s not so much about her being adopted. I just wanted to be a mom and she needed one so here we are.”

She’s got a point.  She’s done a great thing, she shouldn’t be defending herself. But, if she adopts 5 more we’ll start to consider it…

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