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Louis Vuitton Pushing Legal Battle With ‘Hangover 2’

Bosses at Louis Vuitton know how to spot a fake! The famous fashion house are proceeding with a lawsuit against ‘The Hangover 2,’ after the character played by Zach Galifinakis carried a fake LV bag through the airport. In the legal docs, filed at a federal court in New York on Thursday,  fashion bosses are […]

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Lady Gaga’s Rep Slams “Misguided” Lawsuit Over Charity Bracelets

After the Japanese earthquake, Lady Gaga created the wristbands shown above and sold them to fans as a way to raise funds for the people of Japan. The bands were sold at $5.00 a piece, and Gaga has handed over $3 million dollars from the sales to the relief efforts, but on Friday, a Michigan […]

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Britney Spears Named in $10 Million Dollar Perfume Lawsuit

Britney Spears has been named in a $10 million dollar perfume lawsuit by a branding company who is claiming that they weren’t compensated for a deal that they put in place. Officials for Brand Sense Partners, LLC claim that they set Spears up with a deal with cosmetics firm Elizabeth Arden, but Britney and her […]

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Hair Extension Company Drops $70M Lawsuit Against Paris Hilton

Hairtech International, a company which hired Paris Hilton to wear their hair extensions has dropped a $70 million dollar lawsuit against the heiress in which the company claimed she was busted wearing a competitors extensions. The suit, filed over seven months ago also claimed the company lost profits when Hilton went to jail, but is […]

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Diddy Being Sued For 1-Trillion, Blamed For 9/11

This is your tax dollars at work, people! A woman in NYC is suing Sean “Diddy” Combs for One-Trillion dollars, alleging that the rap mogul “caused 9/11, put her child in the hospital and stole a poker chip worth “100 zillions of dollars.” Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks also sought a restraining order against Combs, which […]

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Carrie Prejean’s lawyer has some nerve to sue Shanna Moakler.

TMZ is reporting that, well publicized liar Carrie Prejean’s lawyer, Charles LiMandri has filed a lawsuit against Miss California USA executives Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler because they “think” that they gave info from the mediation to the media. Oh please, fame whore Carrie probably gave it to them, or her mother, who was shown an amature porn movie […]

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Finally! A Victory for Paris Hilton

Those bastards Hallmark got what was coming to them and Paris received some much needed coke and purse money. Hilton just won a lawsuit against the greeting card company over a card with a Paris like figure that uttering the phrase “that’s hot.” Hallmark claimed the card was satirical take on a public figure but […]

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Nicolette Sheridan Gets the Green Light On Desperate Housewives Suit

Nicolette Sheridan has been given the go ahead for her $20 million dollar lawsuit against Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry claiming she was assaulted and wrongfully terminated. However, the judge slammed the wording of the former DH troublemaker’s lawsuit by saying “Although annoying, inconvenient and inconsiderate, the failure to separate the three distinct wrongs does […]

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Jay-Z Being Sued Over Massive Flight Bill

It’s not like he should have any trouble paying this bill, so wonder why he hasn’t? A private jet company, Air Platinum Holding, is suing Jay-Z for the money he owes them for some private excursions. A total of $137,485.00! That’s: – 18 hours of flight time at $4,500-per-hour (discounted from $6,000-per-hour) = $81,000 – […]

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Lindsay Lohan Still Talking about ETrade Superbowl Commercial

Lindsay Lohan is still boo-hooing over  eTrade using the name Lindsay (or Lindsey) in their Superbowl ad! You’d think getting laughed at for her $100 million dollar lawsuit would have made her give up on this one. Lindsay tweeted today: “Was just thinking about how mean&unecessary that etrade commercial was of my during super bowl […]

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