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Everyone Else Did…But Lindsay Didn’t See Break Up Coming???

Lindsay Lohan had a chat with Ellen DeGeneres yesterday afternoon and Ellen went straight for the kill. Who cares about asking Lindsay what she’s been working on, she wanted to know about the breakup! Well Lindsay didn’t have much to say because she claims she had no idea it was coming. Clearly she must have […]

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Lindsay and Sam Planning to Wed Soon?

Though their relationship is forever on the rocks, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have sparked  wedding rumors by visiting Westminster Synagogue on their current trip to London. Ronson’s jewish background would explain the reason for the visit but the Westminster Synagogue is also known for its liberal views on marriage. If anything, maybe Lindsay is […]

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Maybe She’s Just Greedy!

Lindsay Lohan had to answer the toughest of tough questions in the latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar. When the topic of dating came up, Lohan’s response was; “I think it’s pretty obvious who I’m seeing.” But when asked if she was a lesbian the actress replied; “No.” Confused yet?  Seems as if Lindsay must be […]

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Tales From The Closet: The Outing.

I don’t know if it’s worth of a sigh of relief, but we can all collectively say “Finally.”  Lindsay Lohan has finally admitted that Samantha Ronson is her boyfriend. The couple called into Loveline last night to discuss the horrible accident involving Travis  Barker and DJ AM, whom  is a friend of Ronson,  but  obviously  […]

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SaMan Ronson takes Bra-Less Lindsay Shopping.

Lindsay Lohan tricked Samantha Ronson into going on a shopping trip to Christian Dior on Friday afternoon by not wearing a bra.  Lindsay probably also told SaMan that they were going to Home Depot.

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“Gone gay”

No she still hasn’t officially came out of the closet yet, but even the Chief of Police here in LA know’s what Lindsay Lohan’s been up to.

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“it’s evident to anyone with half a brain.”

Michael Lohan is speaking out about his daughters relationship with pal Samantha Ronson.

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Want to sponsor Lohan’s birthday bash!?

Lindsay Lohan is throwing a party for her “Mo-Rockin” (because it takes place at a Moroccan style mansion) 22nd Birthday. Find out how to be a sponsor and what you’ll get out of it inside.

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