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Michael Jackson new song Break News released online

Michael Jackson has returned from the grave to release a new song Breaking News you can hear it by going here: http://breakingnews.michaeljackson.com/ It’s kind of disappointing, what do you think?

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Does Oprah Have an Agenda? Airing Molestation/ Michael Jackson Episodes Back to Back

It’s probably nothing more than a scheduling coincidence, but conspiracy buffs might start raising a brow with Oprah’s latest schedule flub. On November 9th, Oprah is airing an episode in which she visits with Michael Jackson’s mother, father, and kids at their home. The episode will be one of the first with his children, and […]

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Michael Jackson is the Richest Man (not) Alive

Michael Jackson is at the top of Forbes 10th annual list of top earning dead celebrities. Earning $275 million this year and is said to have earned over a billion since his death, the King of Pop beat out n The King (Elvis), who placed second with $60 million,  by a landslide.

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Leave Michael Jackson alone already.

Everyone’s still fighting over everything to do with the deceased gloved one, Michael Jackson. Will people just leave it be already?  Those poor kids are growing up with a never ending steam of people suing each other and fighting over everything. “Who’s responsible for his death?”,  “AEG did it” “Dr. Conrad Murray” ” he owed […]

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Chris Brown’s Crying Over Eye Drops, Not Michael Jackson?

Now this would be a new low, but we wouldn’t expect otherwise from Chris Brown! After his emotional breakdown of tears during the BET awards during his Michael Jackson tribute, (which we said was a sham all along) a witness was saying that Chris used tear inducing eye drops backstage to make himself cry. The […]

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Michael Jackson’s Glove Sells for How Much?

The famed studded glove of Michael Jackson has sold at an auction this past weekend, for a whopping $192,000.00!! Los Angeles resident Wanda Kelley made the winning bid at the Las Vegas auction, and when it was all said and done her only comments were: “Let’s just say, I wasn’t walking out of here without […]

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Chris Brown’s MJ Tribute: Love it or Leave it?

Chris Brown performed a heart felt Michael Jackson tribute at last night’s BET awards, where at one point he broke down to tears and could no longer sing. Are you guys buying it?  We know Christ Brown can dance.  He’s danced to Jackson before, and he’s damn good at it so no surprise there.  Always […]

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RIP Michael Jackson. It’s been one year since the death of the king of pop, and with thousands already lined up outside of the Forest Lawn Cemetery hoping to get in to drop sunflowers on the 1 year anniversary, it just goes to show the power of Jackson lives on, and will live on. Not […]

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Help Lisa Marie Presley Help Michael Jackson

Lisa Marie Presley, the one time wife of Michael Jackson needs your help in order to keep Michael Jackson’s grave from looking so ugly! She posted the following message to her blog this week; “Greetings MJ Fans…. While visiting him a few days ago at Forest Lawn, Riley and I couldn’t help but notice that, […]

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Captain EO is Back! It’s Like Avatar, But 17 Minutes Long and Costs $72

You know, ’cause you have to buy a ticket to Disneyland to see it. Now that Michael Jackson has been completely absolved of his serial child molestation by simply dying, Disneyland is bringing back his 3D space jam, Captain EO! If you missed it, Captain EO, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is the story of […]

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