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Madonna’s Brother Slams His Sister – Again!

Madonna‘s estranged brother Christopher Ciccone just can’t seem to shut up. The bitter queen, who’s been a fixture at gay bars around WeHo this week, and who has complained about Madonna’s multiple face-lifts before, is now going after her current look. Referring to her Stepford Wife get-up at the MTV Music Awards, Ciccone told E! […]

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Miley Cyrus Would Kick Kanye’s Ass

There’s a reason why we love Miley Cyrus. The gal has spunk. She recently sat down with NY radio station Z100, and her response to KanyeGate confirms mucho chutzpah. She ain’t havin’ it. What would Miley have done? “I’d tell him to get off the stage. It’s her moment. For those times that you are […]

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Taylor Swift: “I’m Not Gonna Say I Wasn’t Rattled By It”

Where do you go to vent? Why, The View of course! Fallen MTV winner Taylor Swift brought her pity party to The View this morning and lost no chance in airing her gripes about that incident. The humorless Swift let it be known she was “rattled” but said she relied on plenty of support from […]

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Oh Yes He Did. Barack Obama Thinks Kanye Is A “Jackass”

You know you’ve fuc*ed up when the president is calling you a “Jackass.” Reports are circulating that in an unguarded moment, ABC News reporter Terry Moran overheard Obama call Kanye West a “Jackass.” What’s a hard-nosed reporter to do? Post the gossip on Twitter, of course – where it has spread like wildfire. Due to […]

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Kanye Apologizes On Leno; Leno Hits Below The Belt

Kanye West has apologized again for his Taylor Swift stage crash. The disgraced performer went on the dead-boring Jay Leno show and discussed the incident with grace, including a below-the-belt question from Leno about how what his late mother would have thought of the debacle. Bringing up his dead mother? Joan Rivers was right, Jay!  […]

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Pink Is Still Red Hot Over Kanye

As if taking to her Twitter account (about last night’s MTV Music Awards debacle) wasn’t enough, Pink is venting on national television. The bleached blonde appeared on the Today Show this morning and host Matt Lauer asked her what she’s thinking. Replied Pink: “It was the one time I really really wished I would have […]

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Watch And Read Madonna’s Tribute To MJ Here

Madonna paid tribute to Michael Jackson on Sunday night at the MTV Music Awards the best way she knew how – by making it about herself! The 51 year-old singer, looking fabulous in a Stepford Wives-like wig took to the stage to thunderous applause and compared her life to that of the fallen King’s. She […]

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Kudos To Kanye! Mr. West Makes MTV Awards Great

Everyone is up in arms about Kanye West’s Tayor Swift diss at the MTV Music Awards. But here’s a point. He was right! Beyonce created one of the most iconic videos in history and a whining tween bubblegum star takes Top Prize. It Ain’t Right! And Hell to the Yeah to Kanye for pointing it […]

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