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No Need to Marry Says Nicole Richie.

Nicole Richie is six plus months pregnant with her second child with Joel Madden, but still has no intent to marry any time soon. The couple has a one year old daughter, Harlow, together, but  two kids and a loving relationship still isnt enough to make them take the trip down the aisle. Nicole recently […]

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Wrong Side of the Bed?

Nicole Richie is six months pregnant but that’s no excuse for combing your hair with a hand grenade! Nicole and a pal showed up at an event this afternoon and she was lookin mega frizz. Check out a few more photos of Nicole below. BTW she does NOT look 7 months pregnant. [nggallery id=562]

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Nicole Richie For 5 Dollar Footlongs.

Pregnant Nicole Richie joined Joel Madden and a pal at subway for an afternoon lunch. Clearly the only thing growing on Nicole is her baby bump!  She still has chicken legs! Check out some more photos of Nicole Richie below. [nggallery id=532]

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Nicole Richie Wants You to Text:

Nicole Richie has definitely been bitten by the charity bug and needs a lil help from her friends.  She’  writes: “Hi Everyone, This past year, philanthropy has opened my eyes to so much need and so much beauty. I have also realized how easy it is to help, and how rewarding it feels to be […]

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Nicole Richie gets back to work

Nicole Richie got back to the daily grind after a long weekend of partying at Coachella this week as she attended one of her last court appointed driving classes in the Valley.

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Nicole and Joel: in love minus the glow!

Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden was looking more like a body guard while out with his baby’s mama Nicole Richie this Wednesday. While Joel took Nicole to her court appointed driving school in the valley, he always seemed to be following close behind her instead of walking with her.

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Joel Madden’s “one true love”… not Nicole??

Good Charlotte singer, Joel Madden was gushing to the crowd at an NY concert last night about his new daughter Harlow. Madden told the crowd that no matter how many pretty girls there were in the audience, three months ago when he and fiance Nicole Richie had little Harlow, he met his one true love. […]

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Quick question from an undressed fatty… Suzie BI*CH item of the day!

Ok, bear with me, as I’m just a product of my tribe.  I live in an unknown island where it’s always scorching and everyone is fat.  We all spend our days running around naked, and envying the fashion, bods and lack of anonymity fame of Hollywood’s most anorexic admired.  That being said, I ask that […]

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Congrats!!!Nicole Richie graduates from DUI school!

A not so anorexic Healthy looking Nicole Richie completed traffic school at the California Traffic Safety Institute in Pasadena on Wednesday Afternoon. Nicole, who was arrested for DUI for going the wrong way on an exit ramp in December 2006, and later spent 82 minutes in prison for the crime, participated in the mandatory course […]

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Ms. Paris Hilton supports her new man!

Make a chick wanna hate, make a boy wanna stare… Well, Ms. Hilton you must be worth a trillion bucks Get the feelin’ that you don’t really give a fu*k Ms. Hilton I like the way you push and glide Rollerskates on a social butterfly, whoo! Amidst the constant media glare and pressures of her […]

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