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Tupac Resurrected For Coachella Performance

Millions of minds were blown all over the world on Sunday night when the late Tupac Shakur was resurrected for a performance with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre as the closing act for Coachella. The legendary rapper who was shot dead in Las Vegas in 1996, was hologrammed onto the stage to sing a couple […]

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Britney Spears Ready to Super-Promote ‘Femme Fatale’

Britney Spears is just weeks away from releasing her new studio album, ‘Femme Fatale,’ so it’s about that time to amp up the promotion! Before Spears’ big performance on Good Morning America, this is where you’ll be able to find Britney promoting her new disc. 3/28-3/39 Ellen (skit) 3/29 Release of Femme Fatale – Standard […]

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Kim Kardashian’s Accidental Music Career

Kim Kardashian’s music career is really here. This weekend during her New Years hosting duties in Las Vegas, Kim debuted her new song, Turn it Up. She told the crowd: “I didn’t mean to, but I did this song.” Don’t you just hate when you accidentally do a song? While we are probably one of […]

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Kanye West Gives in-flight Performance

During a recent flight to NYC, Kanye West gave travelers a surprise when he performed a couple of his songs acapella over the loud speaker. It’s not as entertaining as flight attendants dancing to California Girls, but it would have been awesome to be on that flight! Check out the video below.

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Watch Kanye West Toast to the A** Holes, D**che Bags, Scumbags, and J**k Off’s at the VMAs

Kanye West stole the show at the VMA’s this year, and this time it was for the good of the show! Unfortunately for MTV, his performance was the shows closer, and for anyone who watched on DVR they missed it all together. Along with every other blog and critic, we have to agree they pretty […]

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DWTS Premiere’s to Big Numbers, Kate Gosselin Was Average

Check out Kate Gosselin’s first performance on Dancing With the Stars from last night. It wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t the worst either!  She’ll definitely be there for at leas one more week for sure, as nobody will be kicked off tonight, as the show will not return until next Monday night where all […]

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Ke$ha Stumbles Around Idol Stage

Did you all catch Ke$ha’s performance of Blah Blah Blah on American Idol last night? If not, here it is.   It’s definitely better than watching her perform Tik Tok! Big props to her glam squad for being able to slap that Indian chief head dress on along with the war paint in about 10 seconds. […]

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Happy Controversial Album Release Day Adam Lambert!

Two words!  Marketing. Genius. Adam Lambert’s album makes a strange Monday debut today, and not without a little bit of controversy! Adam performed his new single For Your Entertainment at last night’s American Music Awards, and people are up in arms over it! In fact; here’s a comment we got on the site already this […]

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The Hoff Will Perform at Berlin Wall Anniversary

The Germans really love David Hasselhoff. While he’s always been a joke here, (even before the drunken hamburger incident), the Germans have held a special place in their hearts for him. The Hoff gained pop stardom over in Deutschland, which peaked when he sang at the Potsdamer Platz concert in 1989 as the Berlin Wall […]

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Stars Come Out for MJ

The star studded lineup for Michael Jackson’s memorial tomorrow morning has been revealed by the Jackson family, and here it is. Ron Boyd (family friend); Kobe Bryant; Mariah Carey; Andrae Crouch Choir; Berry Gordy; Jennifer Hudson; Shaheen Jafargholi (finalist on Britain’s Got Talent); Magic Johnson; Martin Luther King III; Bernice A. King; John Mayer; Lionel […]

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