The Hoff Will Perform at Berlin Wall Anniversary


The Germans really love David Hasselhoff. While he’s always been a joke here, (even before the drunken hamburger incident), the Germans have held a special place in their hearts for him. The Hoff gained pop stardom over in Deutschland, which peaked when he sang at the Potsdamer Platz concert in 1989 as the Berlin Wall came down.

During the concert, The Hoff sang “Looking for Freedom” while wearing a piano key scarf and a jacket that flickered with little christmas tree lights.

Twenty years after that concert, The Hoff will perform again at the anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall. Twenty years of progress means they probably could make him an LED light jacket.

Check out his original performance below!

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One Response to The Hoff Will Perform at Berlin Wall Anniversary

  1. September 11, 2009 at 10:45 am #

    did you know his first visit caused riots? the loss of life was huge but never got reported as it was behind the iron drapes

    see here (2 mins in)

    cheers Keeno

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