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Courtney Cox is HOT!!

Another Friends hottie looking like a rockstar! I love this skinny b**ch!  She’s super hot and actually quite down to earth!  I love the way she dresses, and how she’s always been a good friend to Jennifer Aniston.  Yes, people, Courtney Cox is awesome!  She could, however, stand to gain a few pounds, judging from […]

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Andre B. Not my favorite model!

Never really cared for his cocky attitude… What do you think of America’s Smartest Model‘s Russian cowboy, Andre B?

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A business woman is definitely my kind of gal!

Nicky Hilton: Rich, famous, and hardworking!! She even carries out her own trash purse!!Looking pretty cute this week, the incredibly skeletal fat (y’all happy now?) Nicky Hilton spent quite some time in various stores and fashion hot spots, in hopes of promoting her clothing line, which mostly features her own designs (she went to school […]

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Five weeks.

So, I finally got home.  I decided to stop crying and actually research the Patrick Swayze cancer situation (maybe there was some mistake?).  And, if I was crying before, now I’m a total wreck!  It seems Patrick Swayze has had a tough couple of months, silently battling pancreatic cancer, now metastasized.  During this past month […]

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