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Patrick Swayze Memoir to Hit the Shelves in Two Weeks

Patrick Swayze authored a tell-all book during the last months of his battle against pancreatic cancer, and the memoir, titled “The Time of My Life” will be available for purchase in two weeks. The best celebs memoirs are the ones that go into detail about coke-fueled orgies with A list celebrities. The ones that name […]

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Yahoo! News Photo LOL

I’ll admit that I’m in no position to make fun of other bloggers switching up a picture – I’m guilty of it myself – but I mixed up two pics of actresses playing the same character. Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze don’t even look anything alike. And they really don’t now.

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Found on the Internet

Even though it shouldn’t be funny… some how it ends up being funny!   Get ready because this will be the new meme for everything. RIP Swayze.  Suck it Kanye.

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Patrick Swayze R.I.P.

Patrick Swayze has died in Los Angeles of complications from pancreatic cancer. He was 57 years old. More info as events warrant…

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Patrick Swayze Checks Into Hospital.

Patrick Swayze was absent from a television panel this morning because he had checked himself into a hospital for observation after aquiring pneumonia. A&E president Abbe Raven made the announcement; “Patrick Swayze has checked himself into the hospital. However, he asked us specifically to go forward with today’s panel. We wish him the very best […]

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Patrick Swayze Update!

Doctors report Swayze’s grim prognosis is untrue!! is reporting that Patrick Swayze’s doctors have released a statement denying yesterdays rumors of a “dying” Swayze living the last few weeks of his life!!  Doctors report Swayze is ill, but that he has been responding well to treatment, contrary to yesterday’s reports. “Patrick has a very limited […]

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Five weeks.

So, I finally got home.  I decided to stop crying and actually research the Patrick Swayze cancer situation (maybe there was some mistake?).  And, if I was crying before, now I’m a total wreck!  It seems Patrick Swayze has had a tough couple of months, silently battling pancreatic cancer, now metastasized.  During this past month […]

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Patrick Swayze is DYING!!

Might only have weeks to live!PageSix reports: Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and might only have weeks to live, a rep for the star said today.  The 55-year-old star’s publicist confirmed to Page Six that he’s suffering from pancreatic cancer, which could tragically bring down the curtain on his […]

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