Patrick Swayze Memoir to Hit the Shelves in Two Weeks


Patrick Swayze authored a tell-all book during the last months of his battle against pancreatic cancer, and the memoir, titled “The Time of My Life” will be available for purchase in two weeks.

The best celebs memoirs are the ones that go into detail about coke-fueled orgies with A list celebrities. The ones that name names, shatter public images, and make you wonder if a single sane person exists in Hollywood are the best memoirs out there. Patrick Swayze was happily married before he was famous until the day he died- which doesn’t leave much room for crazed antics or juicy sexcapades.

I mean, if the book is all about his struggle with cancer, that’s a bummer. Why would I want to read about that? I’m alread convinced I’m going to get cancer just by drinking water from the tap, I don’t need a book reminding me of my inevitable demise. Unless it reveals the secret boners Swayze got while doing Dirty Dancing (fingers crossed!).

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