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Dina Lohan To Profit From Lindsay’s Troubles

If Dina Lohan can’t profit off of Lindsay’s film career, she might as well profit off her screw ups, right? On the same day that Lindsay actually showed up to community service at the morgue an hour early, it was revealed that Dina Lohan is shopping a memoir. Don’t expect that it’s going to be […]

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Snooki’s Best Selling Book Selling Low Number Of Copies

We said it before but we REALLY think it’s time that the New York Times re-evaluate their standards for becoming a ‘Best Seller’. It’s great that Snooki’s book, ‘A Shore Thing’ became a best seller on the NYT list, however it seems as if it’s been selling dismal numbers. After four weeks on the shelves, […]

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Elizabeth Edwards Dead at Age 61

Elizabeth Edwards has passed away in her home this afternoon, losing her battle with cancer. This news comes just one day after doctors advised her to stop her cancer treatment, because there is nothing more they could do. Just yesterday she posted the following to her facebook: “The days of our lives, for all of […]

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Khloe Kardashian’s Talks About Loosing Her Virginity

I bet you’re wondering what could be so confidential in the Kardashian’s new book, Kardashian Konfidential considering they are known primarily for doing nothing but living in public, oh and a sex tape.  Well, the K’s visited The View and Khloe told the ladies all about loosing her virginity,  you know to help young girls. The […]

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Situation Releasing ‘Guide to Creeping on Chicks’

The Situation money-making machine is rolling on, and you can now pre-order a copy of his book ‘Here’s the Situation.’ “A guide to creeping on chicks, dodging grenades and getting in your GTL on the Jersey Shore.” The book will be released on November, 2 but unfortunately for Sitch, the price has already been slashed, […]

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Patrick Swayze Memoir to Hit the Shelves in Two Weeks

Patrick Swayze authored a tell-all book during the last months of his battle against pancreatic cancer, and the memoir, titled “The Time of My Life” will be available for purchase in two weeks. The best celebs memoirs are the ones that go into detail about coke-fueled orgies with A list celebrities. The ones that name […]

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