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Apple Records and Apple itunes Come Together, FINALLY!

The Beatles are FINALLY available on itunes!!! I’m not talking those bo bo karaoke versions either, I mean the actual Beatles’ recordings. The itunes catalog’s biggest gapping hole has finally been filled after years and years of negotiations. Back in 2008 Paul McCartney told the BBC that the negotiations were stalled because, “there are a […]

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Glee Beats the Beatles… But Not Really

The AP is reporting that Glee has surpassed the Beatles in songs on Billboards 100 by a non-solo act.  I’m sure Paul McCartney and Ringo aren’t sweating it considering the Beatles actual wrote the music and lyrics to the songs they charted with.  This should be looked at as an pathetic sign of our times […]

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Your Daily Dose of LSD – Beatles Rock Band Commercial

I think somebody either spiked my morning coffee with shrooms or this is the most mind-bending, awesome commercial ever made. The Beatles catalogue is coming to Rock Band and apparently it’s more hyped up than Harry Potter and New Moon combined. People love their Beatles songs and their video game distractions from the real world, […]

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Tween band NYLA rocks out!

Kick out the Jams, NYLA!  Miley Cyrus?  Britney Spears?  Jonas Brothers?  NO!  NO!!  NO!!!  This Girl Power team is all about rock and roll!  The real deal!!!  Their inspiration comes from The Kinks, The Beatles, and Queen!  My kinda girls!   The family has recently moved from New York to Los Angeles because their dad […]

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