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Denise Richards Unveils New Blonder Look

In Hollywood, you can never be too rich, too thin, or too blonde. Starzlife caught  bleached-out reality television star Denise Richards leaving a Beverly Hills hair salon yesterday. Charlie Sheen’s ex showed off a much blonder new look and hair extensions – perhaps to be unveiled on the as-yet-to-be-renewed third season of her E! Entertainment […]

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BREAKING NEWS! Travis vs. Shanna Gets Personal on Twitter!

It’s a developing story, but things are about to be very ugly in the relationship that is Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler. Travis took to social networking site Twitter about 20 minutes ago with the following message; “Child molesters shouldn’t get a second chance, if you touch a child u should be shot & killed.” […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!!! Starzlife Ellen Pompeo Pic Set: Pregnancy And Pizza

Looks like those last trimester cravings have set in. And they’re crying: “Pizzzaaa!” 39 year-old Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo made a pizza run in West Hollywood this weekend, and showed off her visible pregnancy bump. Click below to see more EXCLUSIVE!! pictures of the actress catching up with friends.

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EXCLUSIVE Starzlife Pics Set: Jermaine Jackson and the Mrs.

Do you think Jermaine Jackson appreciates the irony that his name is a homophone of “germane,” which means “relevant?” Or do you think he doesn’t know the words “germane” and “homophone”? Jermaine Jackson (or “Not Michael #6”) took his lovely (seriously! Nice one, Jermaine) lady on a “look at all the things I said I’d […]

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Britney is Free.. But is it a good thing?!

What in the F is going on with Britney Spears!?! StarzLife spotted the princess of pop out driving around in LA this afternoon wearing a wet rat on her head! The good news is, she’s pretty much free of her daddy’s restraints and finally allowed to drive her car again, but the bad news is, […]

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Smile, Grumpy!

Jessica Alba was spotted mean muggin’ photographers as she left Barneys in Beverly Hills this afternoon. Jessica was on a shopping trip with her daughter Honor Marie and some pals. Maybe she was embarassed that it took them over 5 minutes to figure out how to get Honor buckled into the car seat! Either way,  […]

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PICS: Lauren Conrad Is Ballin’ Through the Recession

The image of someone walking out of an ultra-expensive department store carrying a bunch of their bags is one I’ve always had trouble wrapping my head around. I understand why Cher from Clueless can afford to do it – she’s imaginary, that was a movie, and the bags were empty. Here’s Lauren Conrad walking out […]

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Ashlee and Big Bronx Hit the Streets of H.Wood

Isn’t it a bit strange that Bronx Wentz is nearly the same size as his momma!?  Cute for sure, but a total chubster! Starzlife caught up with Ashlee Simpson and baby Bronx after leaving a recent play date in Hollywood. Maybe she’s just super small, but they have the same size heads! Check out @Starzlife […]

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Eva Longoria Parker’s New Do

Starzlife spotted Eva Longoria-Parker leaving a recent trip to Ken Paves salon in Beverly Hills lookin’ fine showing off her new do. Unfortunately for Eva Longoria Parker, when you associate her with Ken Paves, you associate them both with Jessica Simpson, and their little circle will be forever tainted by the music video for Jessica […]

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The Return of Hilary Puff

Okay, so Hilary Duff is not fat by any means, but nobody goes up and down like this girl! One week she’s got the sick Lohan thin look and the next she’s looking “healthier.” Either way, it’s not such a bad thing! She actually looks pretty good.  Now if she’d only dump that hockey dope. […]

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