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Jermaine Jackson’s Ex-Wife Claims His Baby Momma Is Supported By His Momma

No – that’s not Ex-Wife, Alejandra, that’s his new piece! According to reports Alejandra Jackson, ex wife of Jermaine Jackson has filed ‘dead beat dad’ documents on the once cute, now frightening looking Jackson Bro. The Mother of Jermaine’s two boys, Jermajesty and Jaffar claims that Mj’s older Brother, and ‘When the Rain Begins to […]

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Jackson Tribute Postponed: Talent Scheduling “Conflicts”

The Michael Jackson tribute show has been moved from Vienna to London – and postponed until next June due to too many performer’s “scheduling conflicts.” Let’s bring out the Hollywood dictionary for this one. “Scheduling Conflict” loosely means “I’m shampooing my hair that night.” It’s the answer Madonna gives when she sees the rough cut […]

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Jermaine Jackson’s Star Un-Studded Tribute to Michael Jackson Looking Lamer Daily

The Jacksons will stop at nothing to wring cash from their late brother’s legacy. Did you know now that it’s been determined Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive, they’re suing Dr. Conrad Murray for rightful death? That was a joke, but this isn’t: Jermaine‘s “tribute” concert to Michael, endorsed by no one else […]

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Another Jackson Cashes In

The latest Jackson to make money off Michael‘s death? That would be brother Jermaine, who has decided to release a copy of his performance of ‘Smile,’ the song that he sang at brother Michael’s public memorial. Jermaine is also organizing a series of “tribute” concerts in “honor” of his brother, that are expected to bring […]

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EXCLUSIVE Starzlife Pics Set: Jermaine Jackson and the Mrs.

Do you think Jermaine Jackson appreciates the irony that his name is a homophone of “germane,” which means “relevant?” Or do you think he doesn’t know the words “germane” and “homophone”? Jermaine Jackson (or “Not Michael #6”) took his lovely (seriously! Nice one, Jermaine) lady on a “look at all the things I said I’d […]

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