Jermaine Jackson’s Star Un-Studded Tribute to Michael Jackson Looking Lamer Daily


The Jacksons will stop at nothing to wring cash from their late brother’s legacy. Did you know now that it’s been determined Michael Jackson is worth more dead than alive, they’re suing Dr. Conrad Murray for rightful death?

That was a joke, but this isn’t: Jermaine‘s “tribute” concert to Michael, endorsed by no one else in the family, is going to suck if it happens at all: all the promised top-tier talent  has bailed. And of those acts was Chris Brown anyway. Too soon, Jermaine.

The concert is schedule to suck on September 26th in Austria, I guess because Austria skipped all the press coverage of Michael Jackson between 1993 and his death. Other musical acts that won’t be appearing: Madonna and Mary J. Blige. Confirmed acts: Sister Sledge and a German boy band called US5. Oh, and Jermaine will duet with a virtual Michael projected onto screens. Hey, if I wanted to hear someone else sing over a Michael Jackson song, I can do that for free in my apartment. I can also duet with Madonna. (I don’t own any Chris Brown or Mary J. Blige CDs.)

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