They’re Making a World of Warcraft Movie, I’m Still Waiting for an Adaptation of the Terminator 2 Pinball Game


You know how every time a Saturday Night Live sketch gets made into a movie, people say, “That’s going to be terrible, the only good SNL movie is Wayne’s World“? There is no Wayne’s World of video game movies. No one hears that they’re making a Tomb Raider sequel and says, “I hope it’s as good as Mortal Kombat.”

Anyway, they’re making a World of Warcraft movie. I hope it’s as good as Resident Evil: Apocolypse.

Sam Raimi, the innovative director behind the Evil Dead and Spider-Man trilogies, has signed on to helm a big-screen version of World of Warcraft, heralded by the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) of all time.

You sold? Did the Guinness brag tip it for you? The popularity of the source material has no bearing on the quality of the film. I mean, the most popular work of fiction in history was adapted into The Passion of the Christ: boring AND subtitled! (Yeah, yeah. I know it made money.)

source: E!

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