Deal With It, B*tch!


Yes, our fresh blog got a brand new start and we already have the haters flocking it.
Like my beloved Kimberly Jones, aka Lil’ Kim, who went to jail for lying to Federal Investigators, says in her song, “Shut Up B*tch”

“I just keep climbing up the ladder, y’all never stop my swagger

All this petty chitter-chatter only make my packets fatter

They got some nerve when the ones who do the ratings look a mess

And people if you feel me get this whole shit jumpin’

Quick to put another persons business in the street

I wish they’d shut the fu*k up, damn good grief

You know your mouth’s a cage for your tongue if you just close your teeth

Haha I know it’s killin’ you b*tches, I know it’s killin’ you, oh my God

You had a voodoo doll and everything, worthless b*tch

You just knew, ‘Don’t let her come back Jesus, please don’t let her come back’

Haha, okay look, just, on the count of three

Stop focusing on her and think about you for a second

Now ain’t that depressing, ain’t it depressin’

See, that’s why don’t nobody talk about you

Ain’t nothin’ to talk about

Get yourself a hobby bitch, learn how to make a quilt or sumin’

Ha, is it really that you hate you?

That’s what it is ain’t it, just punch yourself in the mouth then b*tch”

The Naked Truth- 2007

Inflected Form(s):
plural jeal·ou·sies
13th century


1 : a jealous disposition, attitude, or feeling 2 : zealous vigilance.






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