Depressed and 44?

I just saw something really interesting on Good Morning America. A new study is out that people in their mid forties are much more prone to depression than people younger and older then them. This age group can’t seem to biologically help it. There is no medical backing for the study yet, but it does make sense. They say that at the age, 44, is when people tend to feel their lowest. Very interesting. Good thing no old depressed people read my stuff. Wheww!¬†USA Today Reports:”They found that men and women in their 40s were more likely to be depressed and weren’t as happy as other ages. Middle age is such a low point for well-being that it’s at the bottom of a U-shaped curve that indicates greater happiness among the young and old.”It’s midlife per se,” says co-author Andrew Oswald, an economist at the University of Warwick in Coventry, England. “It’s something deep beyond all the controls in our equation. It’s a developing midlife low. It doesn’t just happen one year and go away another.”For both sexes, the probability of depression peaks around age 44.”

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