Not only did he help in the pre-mortem eulogy antics! He has also promised to piss on her grave.

Quick! Someone put Sam Lufti in the looney bin!! Or even better, lock him up and throw away the key!

Sam Lufti is one scary mo fo and he’s Nasty!

Yes, media outlets were swarming yesterday with all news Britney Spears, and it seems we all got more than a glimpse of the pop princess’ unfortunate present day form of existence. From her criminal  stalkers, stalkerazzi, paparazzi,to UCLA Medical Center giving her the boot, to her very own mentally abusive Howard Stern Sam Lufti helping himself to Britney Spears posessions.  Britney had to twirl, grind, and  hump her little ass for y’all, for all that sh*t, and Satan Lufti just seemed to loot her like the trash he is.   It seemed as if things could not get any worse for the fallen pop princess, but they could, and they did.

It has been reported that SSL (Sam “Satan” Lutfi) told mama spears that if she tried to “get rid of him”, Britney would be dead, and that he would “piss on her grave”. WTF?!  I  personally feel like squeezing his tiny hairy balls ’till they pop.

I’m actually hurting for Britney Spears right now. She has nowhere to turn, no one to trust. It’s like some freaky horror film!!!  Where is her family?  Where the hell is Lynne?  Probably tending to her knocked up teen.  I guess she does have her hands full of cash problems to deal with right now.

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