America Ferrera rocks!

Hey Betty, stop looking so stressed out!!  You’re advancing!!america.JPG

I’ve always had somewhat of a problem with the NAACP and its awards.  Okay, okay, prepare yourselves; the extremist equal-rights, Latina-activist hidden deep within me is about to show!

I think that in 2008, admitting to the “advancement” of “colored” people, plus the fact that an association for this purpose even exists is pure proof that there has been very little, or no such advancement at all!!  I think it could be a “tautology” of sorts, although I’m not sure, and quite frankly, I’m a little too lazy to look it up…america2.JPG

In any case, I’m still proud of this gorgeous Latina for all she has conquered, representing “colored” and “full-figured”, busty women everywhere!!  Last Thursday, America Ferrera, 23, was presented with the NAACP Award for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, for her outstanding work playing Betty in TV’s Ugly Betty; at the Los Angeles’ Shrine Auditorium.  Ferrera’s other “colored” co-star, Vanessa Williams, snatched the Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Congtrats, sistahs!


I must say, both America Ferrera and Vanessa Williams looked stunning!!  Although, Ferrera did look a little more comfortable and relaxed than her co-star…   Let’s just hope Vanessa Williams isn’t about to release a hissy-fit statement on all things seniority in Hollywood, and how she was the one to deserve all the glory!!

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