Family Guy goes to Cleveland

cleveland-brown.pngFor a spin-off idea, that is. Hell the only T.V. show I know of based in Cleveland was The Drew Carey show. For all those not familiar with the family guy franchise, Cleveland is best described as an urban Napoleon Dynamite. Depending on your point of view, that can be frightening, or amusing AND frightening. Sort of like that first bill you get when you activate a new cell phone. I’m a frightened skeptic that believes he was not the best choice for a series spin-off.
His 2-5 minutes screen time per episode was just enough to exercise his routine, and get a comfortable laugh. Now imagine watching him in his own series.
It is the equivalent of putting a new ring tone on your phone, and incessantly playing it in a loop. And yes, I know people like that.clevelandbrown001.jpg

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