Kirsten Dunst Considers Leaving Hollywood

Kirsten Dunst 

Unable to deal with her problems in a constructive way, Kirsten Dunst, checked in to the Cirque Lodge rehab center several weeks ago.

“When she first came to the Cirque, she said she was planning to leave Hollywood,” a source revealed. “The staff tried to tell her she’ll feel differently when she learns how to handle her problems in more constructive ways. But ultimately, it will be Kirsten’s decision. If she feels that Hollywood holds too many temptations, then maybe she should go in another direction. One thing is for sure: Kirsten’s got a lot of demons to conquer. But she’s determined to win.”

I ran into Kirsten a couple years ago at a bar in Hollywood and the girl can party like a rockstar. Props to Kirsten for admitting to having a problem, but I’m beginning to wonder whether rehab actually manages to permanently help any of the Hollywood A-list. Is one just destined for rehab once one reaches superstardom? There’s something to marinate on.


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