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ashley-dupree.jpgUnemployment is up. The cost of living is up. But when an escort goes down on a governor she gets paid$200,000 for an interview. is reporting: Joe Francis, the founder of “Girls Gone Wild,” withdrew the $1 million check that he intended to pay Ashley Alexandra Dupre, if she agreed to participate in the 2008 GGW Spring Break tour and pose for his new magazine. Francis cancelled the offer, after a Daily News reporter informed him that Dupre already featured in the Girls Gone Wild collection.  A Daily News reporter saved me a million bucks,” said Francis. “Mark that down as the first time a reporter ever did anything good for me.” “A search through the company’s archives Tuesday revealed that Dupre actually featured in the 2003 GGW Spring Break.  Francis was very excited about the discovery and compared it to “finding a winning lottery ticket in the cushions of your couch.” According to a Girls Gone Wild press release, Dupre was celebrating her 18th birthday in Miami, in 2003. After fighting with a friend and getting thrown out of her hotel, Dupre found a GGW bus nearby and decided to join the team for a whole week.She signed legal papers and filmed seven full-length tapes, which contain a lot of nudity and lesbian footage.“I’ve got it all. Topless, her nude in the shower, making out with girls,” Francis told E! News on Tuesday. “She rode the Girls Gone Wild bus for a week.” Joe Francis announced he intended to sell online the videos featuring Dupre, at around $5 each. Those who are interested can buy them from the Girls Gone Wild site.Ashley Dupre became famous overnight after her rendezvous as a call girl with former New York governor Spitzer was discovered. Spitzer had to resign, after being charged of spending tens of thousands of dollars on prostitutes.Dupre’s MySpace page was assaulted in the first days after the scandal, reaching 5 million views. He two songs that were on the profile were listened thousands of time and even aired on radio.Hustler publisher Larry Flynt informed the Associated Press that he had also made Duper a proposal. He offered her $1 million to appear nude in his magazine.Nice to see someone is doing well.

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