Reality TV Not so Real? Say it ain’t so!

audrina-patridge-21.jpgaudrina-patridge-06.jpgAudrina Partridge gets some new ink at ‘Black Art’ tattoo shop in Hollywood!  I don’t know whether I should be ashamed or proud to admit the fact that I have never seen one single episode of “The Hills.”  I guess it’s due to the fact that all I have heard about is how staged it is and how they ride around in cars that are rigged up like the fake Hollywood cars in movies.  I was thinking of setting my TIVO just to see what I had been missing. . .but after seeing these pictures, I think I’ll leave the extra room for Madonna movies.  How do I know it is fake?  Well, for starters who the hell smiles and is all giddy while getting inked!!!!  That is some CRAZY pain!  OMG!!!!  Can you imagine?  And how about that complete SCAREY guy who is doing the inking? Are those piercings in his elbow? YES!!! Staple my eyelids shut, quick! I can’t handle this!  As far as I concerned she deserves an Emmy after this performance!audrina-patridge-02.jpg  Click here to see her entire performance!

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