Positively Green!~

Positively Green

Positively Green, a new quarterly magazine geared

towards those mainstream women who want a no-nonsense solution guide to living a greener,

healthier life, will launch in bookstores and retail stores nationwide in early August. 

The magazine is the brainchild of Nashvillian Kelly Magill, who also publishes Nashville Interiors

magazine.  In her daily routine of caring for children, working, and maintaining a home life, Kelly

realized she was not alone in her quest to incorporate going green into her life and the lives of her

loved ones.  Thus, Positively Green was born.

“I wanted to produce a very visually stunning, fresh-feeling magazine that addresses a variety of

interests and concerns, but was centered on green living,” said publisher of Positively Green,

Kellly Magill.  “So I incorporated travel, fashion and gossip, cooking, health and home decor and

all those things we all enjoy, and based it all around the very simple idea of leading a greener,

healthier lifestyle in a way that would resonate with women juggling work and children and all the

other things we deal with in life.”

In a straightforward and realistic approach, Positively Green covers topics such as health, beauty,

travel, home and fashion, along with items geared to incorporate green living into your every day

decisions and choices.  The magazine, printed on paper with recycled content, encourages small

changes that will have big effects.  Positively Green will not publish whistleblower stories or

articles that attack specific groups or practices.

“I want to give women knowledge about the world we live in and empower their decisions, but I do

not want Positively Green to become mired in political or environmental debate.  There is already

enough negative press in the world,” commented Magill.

The magazine will hold a launch party in Los Angeles in July.  The party will be hosted by Ed and

Rachelle Begley.  Rachelle graces the front cover of the first issue of Positively Green.

“Positively Green magazine is the missing piece,” said Rachelle Begley.  “No other magazine is

geared for the mainstream woman who wants to do what she can.”

Positively Green is available for a subscription fee of $14.00, with $2 of your subscription cost

donated to the eco-charity of your choice, or $24.00 for two years, and $4 of your subscription

cost will be donated to the eco-charity of your choice.  Go to www.positivelygreen.com for more

information or to subscribe.

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