Renee Zellweger to Look Normal Again- Signs on For 3rd Installment of Bridget Jones


Renee Zellweger has signed up once again to play Bridget Jones, the third installment of the franchise. She will need to gain 30 lbs in order to look the part of normal sized Bridget. Shooting will begin later this year, meaning that Zellweger will need to start hitting the Krispy Kreme drive thru soon (don’t walk in Renee, that burns precious calories).

Zellweger usually can double as a skeleton, and I swear I haven’t seen a picture of her lately where she wasn’t coming from the gym. I thinkĀ  she only plays Bridget Jones so that she can lose the weight later. What’s the fun of 4 hours on a stairmaster and eating celery for dinner if you already have zero visible body fat? She and Christian Bale should get together for a water break and discuss extreme weight loss tips.

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