Rihanna and Jay-Z Rack Up a Giant Bar Tab at Club In London

While I still bring my own Jack in a flask to bars because I’m too cheap to pay $10 for a mixed drink, Jay-Z and Rihanna are racking up a £7,000 (about $11,500) bar tab at a club in London. Although, I think they might be in a different income bracket than I am.

Jigga and RiRi set up camp in the VIP section of the club Vendome with their entourages. Security prevented anyone from bothering the two superstars as they drank.

Jigga kept ordering Dom Perignon champagne and rounds of vodka. Did Rihanna order an umbrella-ella-ella in her drink?

Notably absent was Mrs Z, aka Beyonce.

Let’s see, first Jay-Z blocks Rihanna’s abuser from performing, then he buys her alcohol, this is love. Let the rumors start, well continue!

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