Amy Winehouse Stole Good Coke From Kate Moss


If this story teaches you anything, perhaps it’s that you might not want to let Amy Winehouse go rifing through your handbag unattended.

The Daily Mail reports that a boozy Kate Moss once asked the always-prim and proper singer Amy Winehouse to reach into her handbag for a $10 bill to “roll.” While searching for the bill, Winehouse (who has a nose for drugs like a narcotics-sniffing bloodhound) came across additional amounts of cocaine, stole the bags, and proceeded to take the party to the bathroom where she indulged in cocaine-fueled sex.

And who is the “source” of this story? Amy’s loose-lipped ex-husband Blake Fielder Civil.

I know what you’re thinking. This is going to affect Winehouse’s chances at being voted British Role Model Of The Year.

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