Seriously, Just Stop It With the Vampires-The Vampire’s Assistant Trailer

Vampires have always been floating around in the background of Western culture, but Holy Dracula there are too many bloodsuckers flying around now.

Twilight and True Blood are obviously to blame for getting the vampire bandwagon rolling, even if they didn’t start the fire. (Honorable mentions to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Interview With a Vampire.)

CW has it’s own vamp show, The Vampire Diaries, coming out this Fall, based on a young adult book series as well.

The latest vampire infused movie to hit the market is The Vampire’s Assistant which takes away the sexy part and leaves the blood sucking part. It, too, is based on a young adult book series. Think vampires for boys who don’t enjoy boobies yet. John C. Reilly plays the vampire, so not exactly sexy time.

Here’s the problem- vampires are popular because they are sexy. Interview With a Vampire was a mega-hit because it starred Brad Pitt and a pre-couch jumping Tom Cruise. Twilight without Edward Cullen would be a lame movie about a sulky Kristin Stewart. Steven Moyer is a damn hot vampire in True Blood. The Vampire’s Assistant fails to see what it is about vampires that makes them intriguing; it’s not the grave sleeping, it’s the sex.

Maybe I’m biased, and lonely and have turned to vampire TV and movies to fill the void of a man in my life. Lord knows I’m not the only one, since R.Patz can’t walk an inch without a woman leaping on him.

Check out the trailer. Your thoughts?

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One Response to Seriously, Just Stop It With the Vampires-The Vampire’s Assistant Trailer

  1. August 6, 2009 at 9:53 am #

    Whoa there now… don’t you dare forget about The Lost Boys. This is the vampire movie that started that whole train a rolling. Dracula be damned. This is THE vampire movie. Where else do you have the dynamic Corey duo fighting vampires. That is what I pay MY money for. None of this “Angel” crap or Twilight nonsense. Vampires are sexy because of this movie.

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