Brad Pitt’s Godless, Pro-Drug Platform Could Get Him Elected in New Orleans


Brad Pitt is giving Lil’ Wayne a run for his money when it comes to hometown hero status in New Orleans.  Mr. Pitt’s charity, Make It Right, has spent the past four years helping to re-build homes in the Katrina-destroyed town. Lil’ Wayne is still mad icy, though.

In this video below, Brad gives Ann Curry a tour of the houses he’s helped build. Brad and Angelina are two of the most genuine, caring, and generous humanitarians in showbiz. I sincerely mean that. But when houses have to be re-built five feet off the ground because that’s how high the water’s probably going to go the next time the town is submerged, wouldn’t a better use of this man’s real powers be buying everyone a bus ticket to somewhere above sea level?

The beneficiaries of Brad beneficence don’t see it that way, and if Brad Pitt were building me a Frank Gehry home, I probably wouldn’t either. “Brad Pitt for Mayor” shirts have begun popping up for sale around the town, and Ann asked Brad if he’d consider the job. His answer, intended to be sarcastic is, “Yeah, I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, legalization and taxation of marijuana platform. I don’t have a chance.” Yeah, Brad. You don’t have a chance to fail! You could probably get elected mayor in 30 cities right now with that platform (if you’re Brad Pitt).

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