Jamie Puts The XX In FOXX; Posts Nude Dude Photo


Fans of the gay iphone fetish site guyswithiphones.com (and who isn’t?) got a big surprise t’other day. And we mean big.

Allegedly, a full-frontal shot of Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx began circulating through the techie soft-core pornie site. There’s just one problem: The guy in question isn’t taking the picture with an iphone but some other digital camera, so this may indeed be a hoax. We can, however confirm that the pictures are not of Vanessa Hudgens. At least not this time. And that pecker looks too big to belong to Lady Gaga.

At least Moby had the intelligence to post pics of himself on the site holding a real iphone.

Either ways, we’ll show our true journalistic integrity and lead you to the site where the pic has landed, so you can see for yourself. Warning!!! Pics are NSFW,  so if you’re in a cubicle, under-aged, or a lesbian – please do NOT click here.

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