Bankrupt, Jailed, Disgraced Survivor Star Speaks!


Remember Richard Hatch, the manipulative Survivor Season 1 winner that folks loved to hate?

The convicted reality star turned felon, was convicted to four years in prison for tax evasion. That’s what happens when the whole world – and Mr. Government – watches you take home a million backs on national TV and not claim it in your taxes.

The openly gay star served three and half years in the big house and still wears an electronic tracking device under house arrest. He tells The Today show’s Matt Lauer:

I know people perceive me as cocky and arrogant. I went on that show to win and there was a persona developed. I grew up as a fat, gay kid in a community that doesn’t appreciate fat, gay people, so you develop some insecurities, and you discover those insecurities with an over-reaction.

Hey, Perez Hilton, are you listening?

And it gets better. Richard says that because of his arrogant reality star persona, he was treated unfairly by the court. And though he wasn’t abused behind bars (because, as Matt Lauer suggested, an openly gay man who likes to go naked, should perhaps expect that? What?!), Richard goes on to say that his homosexuality should have come up to jurors in questioning, but it didn’t.

Richard explains:

I don’t think you or anyone else can deny that we homosexuals face discrimination. I know without question that there are personal questions in issue for the prosecutor. He told the court I haven’t been cooperative. I’ve been fully cooperative. I’m financially devastated.”

Hmm… Crying the gay card? We’re not buying it, Richard.

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